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Help Desk Confessionals

I'm a systems administrator who provides tech support, data analysis, and report generation for about 300 users. No support staff. No other help. Just me.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

For someone like me who is such an infrequent blogger I thought I'd be exempt from being tagged, and could instead have fun lurking and reading other bloggers' strange personal traits or obsessions such as Alex's.

No such luck. Alex is asking me to write my own. So here it goes:
  • I collect music: records (3,000), 45's (1,350), CDs (1,500), cassettes (750), mp3 (7,500). I started collecting in college, and through DJing and working at the radio station, the collection grew. Instead of putting them in an iPod, I play them in my own radio station.
  • I have been to all 50 states in U.S., but I have never been to Europe. My first solo road trip covered 32 states, from California to as far as Maine (and back). The last of the 50 states I visited was North Dakota, in 2002. A majority of them I visited by car.
  • I have an obsession about buses, especially the double deckers that roam the narrow streets of Hong Kong. In the early 90's I went through bus driver's training with Southern Calif Rapid Transit District, fulfilling a childhood dream.
  • I believe in neither UFOs nor ghosts, but I'm a big fan of "The X-Files". Yes, I have all 9 seasons plus the movie on DVD, commentaries in book form, fan club, magazines, etc. I even went to the Expo they had out here one year.
  • I love numbers. Have books about numbers. Majored in Math and Statistics in college. Can recite squares, primes, value of pi, etc. Can mentally calculate day of the week. Can and will spend hours on a single math problem. Math geek, yes I am.

So there you have it, Alex. I do have to warn you though, since I have fewer vistors in my blog than elected officials in Hong Kong, the people I tag may or may not keep the chain going, and I think I should be allowed to tag a few extra bloggers, just in case.

To the most-esteemed and much-respected bloggers below - upon reading this, please post your five unique, almost-obsessive personal traits in your blog and pass it on to five of your blogger friends.

...and here's the real long shot:

  • Elyse "Elyse Sewell" - my wife and I both looooved watching you on ANTM. Glad you like Hong Kong, my homeland.
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Peter Jennings

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

(from left: Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather)
I am not a regular viewer of ABC World News Tonight, but I was sad to hear Jennings lost his battle with lung cancer and died Monday. Network news anchors are a dying breed - the ones on TV these days do not compare with the big three on the left. I think Brian Williams is a capable sucessor to Brokaw on NBC, Lester Holt on MSNBC is another one that I like.
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Hong Kong Disneyland

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Hong Kong Disneyland is schedule to open on September 12, 2005. How cool is that!?

(Pictures from screamscape.com)
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VH1 Classic

Now that MTV and VH1 pretty much stopped playing music videos altogether (unless you are up at 2 a.m.), we have VH1 Classic. I have to pay for a 180-channel satellite package to get that. The payoff is that I get to catch up on 20 years worth of music videos I never got to watch back when I was in college because, of course, my parents had no cable. They play everything - besides all the Prince and Cyndi Lauper videos I also caught Alexander O'Neill (how's that for obscurity) and one of my 80's favorites - "The Politics of Dancing" by Re-Flex.
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Blogroll Overhaul

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Found some great blogs recently -
  • birdsovafeather - she's mildly cranky, but fun to read.
  • Caffeine Addict Anon - I would go there to just look at the pictures. Hilarious!
  • The hausfrau chronicles - Single mom of two who recently divorced her alcoholic and drug-addicted husband, and I thought I have a stressful life.
  • Overeducated Nympho - there is actually a lot more to what the title suggests. "Salacious, enlightening, amusing, and with excessive cursing."
  • Such a Pretty Face - Lushy just ended a long relationship and is now trying to get a foothold of being single again. She's one optimistic chick.
  • PostSecret - People put their secrets on postcards which are posted here. Funny. Sad. Surprising. Fascinating.
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