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Lennie Briscoe's One Liners

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Jerry Orbach was famous for his one liners as Det. Lennie Briscoe on "Law and Order". Here is a sample:

Black Tie (episode title)
(Viewing a corpse in a tuxedo)
Lennie: Conveniently dressed for his funeral.

Lennie: We don't really give a damn about these people looting and bustin' up people's cars. That's not our department. We're homicide.
Suspect: So?
Lennie: So, your friend there is homicidin' somebody.

Old Friends
Mike (discussing infidelity as a motive for murder): Don't wives always know?
Lennie: Mine did.
Mike: Yours didn't hire a hit man.
Lennie: Not yet.

Coffee cart vendor (deciphering an order for "skinny cap, no lead."): Decaffeinated cappuccino, with skim milk.
Lennie: What's the point?

Lab technician: It's a photocopy from a machine with dirt on the drums...If you get me the machine and it hasn't been serviced, I can maybe do a positive I.D.
Lennie: Oh great. We'll organize a line-up of Xerox machines.

Jerry passed away this morning.

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posted by Carl from L.A., 8:44 AM


I know-- he rocked.. I am a super-huge L&O fan...
commented by Blogger EmGee, 8:20 AM  
I love Law & Order, and I always thought the show could continue its revolving cast as it has been doing the last 15 years. Until Jerry Orbach left.
commented by Blogger Carl from L.A., 3:16 PM  

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